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Sustainable Travel & Industry Accreditation

D2_BOTHFEET_S2_BUSHWALKING_0302People aren’t surprised when they find out we hold the highest level of eco-accreditation possible in Australia…they expect it. It just makes sense that we would. Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk will engage you in hiking, scenery and accommodation best showcased sustainably.
We want the walk you enjoy today to be here tomorrow and for years to come.

We are ever conscious of the impact on the environment your visit makes and take care to leave no trace. We choose local suppliers and operate one facility in the most sustainable way we can. It’s the way we combine these experiences that makes for a memorable hiking experience, leaving you quite simply, lost for words.
bothfeet has attained the highest level of eco-certification (Advanced) for BOTH our hikes AND lodge operation with ECO Tourism Australia so you can walk in comfort knowing we have considered the impact on the trail and our community. Our eco lodge development showcases environmentally sustainable design principles throughout. Keeping it small, to no more than twelve people, adds to the enjoyment and minimises the impact. As a licenced tour operator we are required to walk east to west to preserve the quality and condition of the trail.

Advanced Eco TourismFor more information on ecotourism in Australia and the standards that our walk meets – visit the ecotourism Australia website http://www.ecotourism.org.au/eco-experiences/why-choose-ecotourism/


Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk Victoria