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Repeat walkers join 12 apostles walk for free

Repeat walkers join 12 apostles walk for free

Walked with us before? Fill a group of 10 and you can walk again for free.

All our walkers tell us they loved their walk. Raved about it to your friends. We know you’d love to do it again with friends, but probably don’t want to pay to walk the same trail twice?

Well, at bothfeet we have a solution: If you’ve walked our guided 4 day or 7 day walk already, can rustle up a full group of 10 people (including you) then you can join the 4 day walk guided Twelve Apostles Walk for free.

That’s 5 couples, or you and 9 friends or you, your partner and 8 others. Just fill a private group of 10 people with friends, family or extended hangers-on and up to two people who have walked with us before can travel at no charge. We’ll even induct you are an honorary part of the bothfeet team with a special crew t-shirt and hat. WOW!

The fine print:

Only available on the following 7 dates:

Available on the following 4 Day The Twelve Apostles Walk departure dates:
2013: 12th December 2013
2014: 25th January 2014
28th January 2014
12th February 2014
18th February 2014
5th April 2014
24th April 2014
10th May 2014
16th May 2014

Walkers must have walked the bothfeet guided 4 or 7 day walk between October 2006 and May 2013. bothfeet must have a record of this booking.
There is a limit of two free travellers per walk, so rally the troops and BYO friends and host them on the walk they will never forget.

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