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Women walking

Women walking

Designed with women in mind

Women walking make up two thirds of the people who join us on the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk. Yes, that’s a lot. So, first up, if you’re female, please don’t be intimated. It’s important to us you know this is a walking holiday in Australia that is designed with the girls in mind.

That doesn’t mean you will be molly coddled and that the walking is easy. It means we have many thoughtful details that will make your twelve apostles lodge walk experience a holiday not a hardship.

  • Chef prepared meals that are designed mostly gluten free,
  • Exceptional quality walking gear provided with the first time walker in mind,
  • Luxurious Myrtle and Moss toiletries that revitalize your senses as well as your body and
  • A philosophy that you are on holiday. Even if you are doing something more active than a spa resort, and better for you than a gourmet escape, you still don’t have to cook, wash the dishes, change your sheets or tidy up after yourself.

Gather the Girls…

Walking as a group is great fun, even more so when you know everyone in the room. It only takes 10 people to make up a private group. At first it seems daunting to get 9 other people together, but you would be surprised how many people end up asking if we can take 11, 12 or just one more!

We have group rates for taking an entire departure date, and it’s easy to help find a date that has you away during the week, over a weekend, or during school holidays if that’s what suits you.

Before you were a Mum…

Many of our walkers a groups of friends who have met through children. They come together to do something for themselves and dust off a piece of themselves from before they were Mums.

Being a mum is incredibly rewarding but also tiring, exhausting and leaves little time just for you. We are increasingly seeing mums gather a girlfriend, sister or their mum and take 4 days away to recharge their batteries and reconnect with themselves; find some inner peace.

On our walking holidays, you don’t wash the dishes, you don’t clear the table and you don’t cook. You can even say you don’t like to eat something if you really don’t. And we can be out of mobile range, if that’s what you want too!

it is amazing how much longer 4 days can feel. You deserve this.

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