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Choosing the right footwear

Choosing the right footwear

Don’t let your boots get like this! ;)

The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk is one of Australia’s greatest walks, but we know you’ll enjoy it much more with comfortable and supportive footwear. You’ll be covering up to 56 kilometres in them, so make sure you choose the right gear to put on your feet in preparation for the trail to the Twelve Apostles!

We want you to have the best time possible, so we recommend footwear that is waterproof, and has a sturdy sole with good tread. Some of the trail can be quite rough underfoot so a sturdy sole will help eliminate the chances of rolling your ankle.

High quality hiking boots are your best option, as they offer that all-important ankle support. Hardy boots will also be a great aid in helping you carrying your backpack of around 5kgs. Durable boots will take you plenty of kilometres – you might find your guides wearing a pair that has done hundreds of k’s!  This means when you choose to do another walk your boots will still be in great condition.   You don’t need to get a full leather boot – these can take a long time to wear in and are often quite heavy.  There are some great lightweight gortex lined boots available these days which are far more comfortable and tend not to cause blisters if fitted correctly.

Waterproof hiking shoes with a well-treaded sole will also be fine on the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk. They will be less robust and offer a little less support, but occasionally walkers prefer the lighter weight and the more flexible midsole.

Sports shoes, trainers and runners are not appropriate for the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk.  You’ll quickly find that they just aren’t up for this kind of walking as they don’t provide the support your feet will need over the four days and you may well find that your arch begins to ache.

If you’re buying new footwear before coming on the walk, our advice is to give yourself six weeks to wear them in. Pop them on when you’re walking the dog, taking a stroll in the park, going into the backyard or heading down to the shops – it’ll all make them much more comfy when it comes to covering those kilometres to the Twelve Apostles!

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing the right footwear, and good outdoors stores can give you the advice you need to make sure you have the correct size and cut for you. You’ll get to know them pretty well on this walk – make sure you choose a pair that you’ll still love after four days!

If you don’t have any good walking socks to go with your footwear it is the perfect opportunity to purchase them when you buy your boots.  This way you know your boots fit well with the sock.  There are some great sock options available these days – most people prefer to have a mid-weight or heavier sock.  If your socks are too thin you are more likely to get blisters and if your feet are sweating they are not able to absorb the moisture.

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